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Rita Tansel, CNHP

Certified Natural Health Practitioner


      Rita is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, with over 20 years of experience in the Natural Health field.  Within this field, she is certified in the biomechanics technique (Light Touch Treatment), and has been using this technique for over 12 years.  Rita has spent time in Germany, studying at Dr. Kessler's Clinic , and was trained in various techniques of kinesiology.  In 2004, she became a certified QRA Practitioner, following Dr. Bob Marshall's protocols, which he has set to find resolution to health concerns.  Rita continues to study and expand her knowledge in the field of Alternative Health.

"Life, like it does for so many, has taken me on an unexpected journey leading me here;  encouraging, inspiring, and assisting others on their own life journey.  With this mission, I became a certified Natural Health Practitioner by learning Light Touch Therapy, and then became a certified QRA practitioner.   The latest path of my journey has brought me to the Emotion/Body Code.   God has given me the calling and now with 20 years of experience and timeless passion, I look forward to helping each and every person placed in my path."


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